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Knightrokon 2014

Hours of Operation


Saturday, June 7th

Convention: 10AM - 12AM

Dealer Room: 12PM-7PM

Sunday, June 8th

Convention: 11AM - 6PM

Dealer Room: 12PM to 5PM 

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Food Choices At Knightrokon

These are the food options that will be available in or around the Student Union on either Saturday or Sunday.  There are also a number of other options within a 5 minute drive of campus, so there will be plenty of options to make sure you don't go starving this weekend.


Open Both Days

11AM to 7 PM

Smooth King
10 AM to 5PM Saturday
12PM to 6PM Sunday

Open During Student Union Hours

Open Saturday Only

9 AM to 2PM

12 PM to 4 PM

Huey Magoo's
10AM to 2 PM

Corner Cafe
10AM to 2PM


Knightrokon Parking Pass

Normally, parking at UCF requires a daily pass but we here at Knightrokon are committed to making sure that this cost isn't passed on to our attendees, so below you'll find the parking pass you'll need for free parking access in the designated parking lots.  Please make sure that this is pass is visible from the driver's side windshield.

We'll be updating the site soon with more specific and updated parking directions, so please keep your eyes on this site or our Facebook page for more information.



Contest Registration Deadlines

By the way if you're planning to enter the AMV contest, the deadline for submissions is 6/4!

The same goes for pre-registration for the cosplay contest. BUT if you're still not sure about entering the cosplay contest you can still register the days of the convention.

Links for both applications will be below!

Cosplay Contest

Amv Contest


Video game rock with an accordian lead. What does that mean? That means you're going to get punched in the face by nostalgia. Random Encounter plays music from, about, and inspired by video games and general nerd culture.

Drawing from their love of video games, Random Encounter writes and performs a diverse array of original music with strong tie ins to games like The Legend of Zelda, Demons Souls, Dead Space, Final Fantasy, Out of This World, and Metroid. In addition to video game covers and inspired originals, they are known to mash seemingly unlike songs together like the Ballad of the Three Doctors (Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park), and Purple Angel (Purple Haze, One Winged Angel) to make unique, fun experiences from familiar sounds.

Random Encounter has been featured on Badassoftheweek.com, TED: Ideas Worth Sharing, as well as being voted the Best Rock & Indie Band in Orlando by readers of the Orlando Weekly in 2012 and 2013. They've performed in practically every major city on the East Coast and Midwest, led the March of a Thousand Zombies, and fought rival bands with instruments, boxing gloves, holy water, and longsword! Random Encounter is surely not an act you'd want to miss.

Sponsor Announcement: HobbyLink Japan

Big announcements today! First Knightrokn wants to give a big BIG BIIIIIIIIIG thank you to HobbyLink Japan for giving Knightrokon an UNBELIEVABLE stock of prizes to be awarded to con goers!

HLJ is know for selling some of the finest figures, hobby kits and toys worldwide and we're just going to be giving them away!



Registration & Schedule

With the con only being a month away we have now opened pre-registration! If you would like to have your ticket ready for you at the door then you can register for your tickets in the link below

Register here


Also since a lot of you have been wondering what the event schedule will look like so you can plan you time accordingly, here is this years con schedule!


sat sched

sun sched

Special Guest Announct Part Duex: Florida Whammy Entertainment



The second Special Guest that we would like to announce is Florida Whammy Entertainment.  They will be bringing their own special brand of sci-fi, anime, and general nerd culture versions of popular game shows such as Press Your Luck, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, Jeopardy! and more to Knightrokon this year, as.


“The mission of Florida Whammy Entertainment is to make a positive difference in the perception of various fandoms, primarily anime, science fiction, fantasy, and gaming, through the use of interactive, engaging entertainment delivered primarily in the form of high-impact game shows by a team of competent, dedicated, knowledgeable and caring volunteers with the end result being fan conventions and events having engaging, interactive programming for attendees to participate in and enjoy which in turn benefits the community at large.

Special Guest Announcement: Fenix D'Joan!

As we come up close to a month until Knightrokon we would like to share with you the announcement of several of our Special Guests.  First up:  Fenix D'Joan! 




Fenix “The Style Queen” is multitalented entertainer based out of Tokyo, Japan and created “CosFashion” her unique take Cosplay. In 2010 she was feathered on VougeUK.com as an American Geisha in Italy, since then she has appeared on several CMs in Tokyo, runways, and has hosted a variety of TV events and shows. In 2012 she became a member of MJ Teller and began doing Michael Jackson tribute performances in Kyoto, Japan. In 2013 she hosted a internet TV special on Visual Kei Styling and Cosplaying. Then in 2014 she made her 1st appearance on the Australian TV show FashionAsia.

Cafe Peko Peko at Knightrokon

GREETINGS MASTER~! With the help of Cafe Peko Peko Knightrokon will be bringing an authentic maid cafe experience to you! There will be dancing, games and delicious deserts!

There is a small fee but it'll be more than worth the experience. So sign-up before you lose your place at the table!

Cafe Peko Peko Sign-Up

Time slots for this event are:

Saturday Schedule (June 7th):
Block A:  11:30 A.M to 1:00 P.M. 
Block B: 1:00 P.M. to 3:30 P.M.
Sunday Schedule (June 8th):
Block A: 11:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. 
Block Party*: 12:45 P.M. to 1:30 P.M.

Contest Applications are Open!

I hope you're all excited about the upcoming convention! So lets turn that excitement into a good old fashioned rivalry with the opening of our contest applications! Knightrokon will be running two star contest this year. The always necessary Cosplay Contest and the AMV Contest!

Cosplay Contest Registration

AMV Contest Registration

All rules and information are located on the forms. If you do have an other questions feel free to ask! Keep it clean and see you at Knightrokon!

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E-mail pr@knightrokon.com if you'd like to consider sponsoring us this year!

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